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Reviews for "Wade Defender"


This game is really fun, Its good for wasting time. Ill definatly be playing this one again!

Casualty responds:


Great game for some quick fun and good music!

At level 22 I decided to only use the BedNBlasts and see how far I could get 217790 on level 29. (Had lots of shields so it worked out good..) some of the levels would break even on hits score to BedNBlasts ratios.

Casualty responds:


Pretty Good Game!

Style/Concept:stationery version of Asteriods with the overall purpose of the game. 7/10.

Graphics: Again, far from breathtaking, but they get the job done. 6/10.

Sound: I'm not a big fan of the loud screaming music, but my personal preferences will not refkect this review. Overall, the music suited the game style, and fit its purpose well. 8/10.

Violence: For destroying the Clocks and the SS, I can't simply put 0 for this one. However, far from brutalluty. 5/10.

Interactivity: Not too many controls in this ones. However, of the few controls that were implemented, they all worked quite intuitively. Also, the collision detection of the lasers was on the mark a good 99% of the time. 8/10.

Humour: Controlling Wade and shotting the crap out of spam entries. What's funnier? 7/10.

Overall: Not a spectacular game, however not one to be simply ignored. Definately and above average game that had its moments. One suggestion would be that the difficulty really should increase at a faster pace. It took way too long for things to get at all difficult. A nice game in general and worth a look. 7/10.

Casualty responds:

Now THAT'S a review! Really helpful comment, thanks! And for the difficulty, I couldn't find a good math way to increase it well, but I'm too lazy to search.. :p


it was fun but 2 easy. i quit at level 21 when i got bored and no1 could touch me. there shouldve been more upgrades and enemies

Casualty responds:


this is pretty good

you are one of my favorite artists, this game isnt bad, you seem to always pick perfect music for your flashes. mario killing spree is still your best. are you working on any other flashes right now, or in the near future?

Casualty responds:

I am indeed working on a new (mario) flash. Thanks for the kind words!