Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"

oh my fucking god

omfg, that was the best collab ive seen ina while good job guys! make another i hope ?

oh, and toughluck, ur part almost made me cry it was so good :')


i've been going through all the collabs on the site and this is one of my favorites. It's extremely well done. My only thing was that i think the main song worked, but i'm not sure if there was a better on out there. who knows. it was still an amazing job.


This is simply astounding! I loved "Toughluck." You are the best cartoon maker on Newgrounds! Are you thinking about putting your cartoons on TV perhaps?

Tallent at its best.......

These are the Dons of the animation world, awesome work people.


this was outstanding...
enjoyable, cool, touching, very detailed (/me is running out of words)
total OMG-POWAGE to most other flashes on NG, and it wasn't just fights...