Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"


i love toughlucks work it was awesome!!

Excellent once again by the PF crew

The only one that I'm down on, is Triggen's. The face looked totally retarded. :P


LOL, Jazza's devil gets his pitchfork stuck in his eye. ouch. Good job all of you but I must say that Jazza's animation owned this animation!

Good job Jazza! I first saw killing spree by Master_Samus and looked at his other submissions and saw this so thanks to Master_Samus I saw this.

Work of Art

the collab was awsome bringing the best stick animations and some awsome fullbody animator silentkillah and jazza did a good job on there part but "The ending though was special"ToughLucks part was just amazing and it finished off the collab nicely i hope to see him again in The Ma$sAcre: 3

That was a great piece of flash ;)

That was a great piece of flash right their.
The ending though was special, although it was set on revenge that wasnt about revenge! it was more about hope, and sorrow.
On the other hand, everything you inteded to do, i think you accomplished, and with flying colours!