Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"

i loved it

That was one of the best stick flashes i have seen and i liked the music as it went with the flash. my favourite was toughluck's part because it like war flashes and that 1 was awesome!! you should make more

It was great

I really enjoyed this collab. It was cool to see all the different artists and thier work.

Cant wait for the next one


Very good collab! :) Enjoyed it.

Jazza owns...

Samus, I was kinda dissapointed in your work, you usually come out with the best on the collab, this however was not your best. I still however feel your the best cartoon animator out right now! wo0t wo0t

Everyone did a good job, I enjoyed seeing a lot of diff techniques that the animators used.

I however didn't think C-A did a good job on anything. The buttons at the beginning are pathetic. The only thing I would say good job on is putting your name on it.

Anyways, I give this flash 9/10 cause I liked all but C-A's part.


Thought it was great and can't wait till Ma$sacre 3 comes out! All artists involved were awsome! Just wondering who did the music- I know I've heard it before. Can't remember. Keep up the good work!

good job guys

Silent killahs was my favorite bit but it was all good