Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"

Very worthy Collab

I liked all of them but the one made by Jazzi is the best.IMO Very good work on all of them. Hope to see more.

---How collabs SHOULD be done!---

The problem with most collabs is that they are usualy filled with one very good submission, and the rest are barely acceptable.... at best! That is not the case here! EVERY short in this collab could easily stand on it's own, in terms of quality! The revenge theme runs through each of them. Despite the use of stick-figures in most of this collab, the scenes are some of the goriest I've seen in awhile, on the Portal. Two shorts particularly stood out for me: Toughluck's WW2 theme was mind-blowing. Psyche's animation of a real Smith & Wesson tactical folding knife was amazingly accurate; excellent attention to detail. But all of these shorts are worth viewing.

This shit is a pretty good combo, man!

Yo, I like the selection of Stick Figure Action animations, like the war one & the simple plane fighting. My favorite scene was the graveyard scene where that guy's friend dies, then he charges and attacks that lil' pig devil. Damn! I gotta see the Ma$aAcre, Pt. 1 dammit! This flash sure flames up the sticky green buds with the colorful hairs! Goodflash, Fu skinhead88!

Thumbs up

Tough luck finally did a WW2 oriented flash. its about time.

Looking forward to sequal


al of them where good but the best one was by ToughLuck
can't wait tll part 3 .