Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"

Better then the first!

That was such a good flash, and those 3 were the heart and soul of this movie!
Save the best for last:
I have to say Justin Oh's part was the best, it was epic.

I liked it.

Had a lot of good and different animation.

Ma$sAcre Your Prequel!!

Awesome, I liked it ALOT more than it's prequel. It kinda remind me of All Ng Fads Die!!!, this one because it was a collaberative project (just without "killing the fads"). This one was nicely done and had a great music throughout the whole thing. It was a nicely and well made flash. But only one complaint, I mean you couldv'e fixed the audio quality a lot better, but sound is only a little thing to me when people make theese kind of movies. I liked it because of the random character's deaths too (luckily they all don't contain stick figures w00t!). Good job I hope a third is in order like I said in my reveiw for your prequel of this.

shit son

wow, i'd have to say the WW11 one by toughluck was my over all favorite, i'd have to say tho that is one of the if not the best collab i've seen, aka, keep it up

So much better...

I knew this video would be better than the first. The music choice makes it so much better, the art and basic idea is so well done, its scary. Sandman, great work, and finally someone didn't save the damsel in distress on the traintracks. Icerc, loved the style. SilentKillah, i love watching your part with my bass surround sound going full blast, makes it so cool. FMaster, great use of the sound... almost godly. Samus, loved the pirates man! PARROT FINALLY DIED!!! Psyche, great use of physics and effects. Triggen, nice stick fight. Jazza, wow... the best part. Royale, nice use of the silent movie effect. Toughluck, just so damn cool, especially full-blast volume... great work, all of you. BRING ON THE NEXT ONE!!!