Reviews for "The Ma$sAcre 2: Revenge"


toughluck and silentdeath saved you lamos

Frikin' amazing

The first massacre was great, but this has got to be even better. I can usually think of something wrong or something to change, but this is just amazing. The last one by ToughLuck was incredible. I didn't even think animation like that was possible, props. and Triggen has some of the most simple yet best stickfigure fights ive seen.

100th review

Awsome, all of it, everything.

Very very well done!

I thought this movie was AMAZING, the violence and action, all very very well done. But my favorite part of all was the last part, the war scene. The music really made it an outstanding piece. Well done everyone.

nice collab

the music really was out of whack.
until toughluck's. but it seems like a different track altogether for his scene. morose music always works well in war scenes.

that track seems more fit for a credit roll or the introduction or title page.