Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Meh. Another shooter really.

Nothing special really. Like many others have said, it need a lot of work. It can only get better... hopefully!

Armor games, listen...

It seems you are crapping out games now...before, they were good, then ok, now, quite frankly, they suck...

BlasterMaster responds:

Thanks alot dick head. Where are the games you have made?

Not bad.

Nice additions to the game, making it more like Contra and the side-scrolling shooter part. I especially liked the portion where you have to dodge incoming objects and the ship either gets larger or smaller depending on distance, that was an excellent touch. Look forward to part III-2.


yeah man im a huge fan lol but why another cliff hanger! DAMN well i like cliffhangers i cant wait for the next. keep em comin


this game was pretty cool and i think it's above average. i gave it a 5/5 on the voter thing and i really like the game. great job.