Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Not bad.

artwork was pretty shaby on the backgrounds. as for the gameplay, it seemed alright, except for ceratin points like when the lav rises - if you haven't croseed all you can do is keep dyig.

overall not bad

Great game!

Wow that was awesome thats goin on my favorates list!

Good job on the game.

I liked it alot. Good solid gameplay, decent difficutly, and fun concept. The air level was easy though. I liked the whole avoid landmasses thing. It was fun. The boss was a little easy tho. And Tox1n, he specified toxic, and even if it was you that made those animations, he gave everyone equal recognition, so quit bitching.


I want a little bit more credit for my explosions / fireballs than "Toxic" at the end!!!! Co-author perhaps? Anyways, I didn't think it was ready for release quite yet, but thats my opinion on the matter. Overall it was a solid game, and i would work with you again (Provided I get CREDIT!!!!! Those explosions and fireballs were quite hard to make)

it was very good

it was a great game graphics were clear a day sound was crystyal clear good when the aliens died gore was detailed the ship level was intresting but was hard to judge the obstacles it just seemed metal sluggish