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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Two thumbs up!

makes sleep look boring, anyhow good adreniline game, very good story , though could use some more weapons, anyhow, the graphics were all right i give it 6, the plane was crap, u gotta admit, and the mega weapon was weaker than the normal weapon, to easy, could do with a HEALTH BAR! but over all 8! Good Work make 4 plz! (i could use the adreniline rush)

dats good but...

but you stole thew weopons

Pretty nice try.

I played part 1 and 2 before i reviewed this one (excluding gold). I think that the second one was better, this isn't much of a improvement. Better graphics, ok sound. I also think it's too short, i mean the others were long, and they're fantastic. Also the screen was a issue, could you make it a little smaller next time? it's harder if you can't see the whole screen. Next time, try too:
-Make the screen smaller(just to where it all fits without a scroll bar)
-Make it longer
-Keep the graphics the same, or better
-Possibly better music, you'r voice overs are good as is
I just think this would help. Remember good things come in time, so take your time, make it perfect. Sorry for making such a lon review, and good job making the game :D.

great game but...

great games but i found a few bugs in lvl 2 first in the med of the lvl ur suppose to go through the mo8ntain without dying right but oh well i died each time i hit a mountain and i couldnt pass beside them they take all the screen. next at the end of lvl 2 there a a tunnel right and u must go in without touching the side....but oh well i could pass threw the rock without being killed...oh well anyway thats a good game continue


I dunno, it was okay. It was basically just another senseless, "blow the heads off the fucking aliens" kinda game. On the other hand, I thought the graphics were pretty good.