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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

great game

that was a really fun game i enjoyed playing it a lot


that was amazing,this has to be the best flash ive seen today,its easy to play,its fun,looks amazing,good difficult,this is so coll i added it to my favoite flash great job and i hope to see more of your work in the near future....

Frontpage !!

loved this game! Definitely one of the funnest internet games i have ever played. Sigh if only it was longer.I really cant wait until the next one. The upgrades and the different kinds of enemies kept the game interestingand kept it addicting until the end. The storyline is getting better with each game.

Graphics were good. But i wasnt amazed by them. The drawings and stuff were pretty good, and more detailed than the first. Backrounds have also been improved over the last game by quite a bit. The only realy problem with the graphics is the animation. During the cut scenes the animation was great. The character and enemy movement could definitely be improved. The running of the main character should be fixed up before any of the other aspects. The graphics do suit the game nicely and thats all you can really ask for.Style was awesome!! I like the whole killing aliens thing, and also the side scrolling madness. Though the idea of the game isnt terribly original you guys made it work very well. Good sound aswell. A few good comments and a few bad ones aswell for sound. First bad ones...the quality wasnt all that high and one song didnt quite suit the style i think the movie had. Good ones....the first song was good, and so were the sound effects. Awesome amount of violence...you kill an alien and you definitely know its dead.

Overall this had some sublte problems...graphics a little and sound.... Those problems are extremely easy to forget after having palyed through this fun as hell game!

But it was a pretty big filesize...and this is genneraly bad in Flash games.
But you worked alot, I see.

You will get Frontpage, and you get my Five.


was very good!

i havent played the first two but this was very good though sometimes the graphics were pretty shakey never the less an extremly well made and well played game

Not as good

i thought this one was not as good as the 1st two it was too...retro compared to the other two, and the whole hit and die thing aint as good either, still was a fun game, kept me entertained