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Reviews for "Brink Of Alienation III"

Short and Sweet

great little game not too hard and a bit of fun for a few minutes.


to short and to long of flying the game boundrys for what terrin kills you are not specifyed very well either. in a nutshell this is gayer than kwanza

ok that couldve been better. heh jk.

it wouldnt load for me it came up to the menu with the loading sighn but it wouldnt load from then on. i played the other two they where bad ass so i give this one an over all 10 because this one will be good i no it. try to make another series with the same guy pllllllzzzz. or some movies about it. just off the first page i ranked every thing 10 so it had to be good.

This kicks Ass!!

I really loved this game. I loved the sound effects, they were sure funny as hell because they sounded like some regular dude did the voices of the monsters. And this games works great too! Almost not laggy at all (unless i set the quality level too high). The music is perfect for this game.

I haven't played neither part I or II but you sure kicked ass with this one dude :)

Well man I can see that you tryed too make it...

look like halo a bit. The graphics weren't the best but they were ok! The audio was a bit cheesy. It got repetative. The guy didn't have a limit on how much he shoot ammo! The voilence was just a bit cheesy to! The guy jumped to dawm high! Well the game it self was not the best! So keep it V man!