Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"

Nice man !

cool and funny flash! keep it up!


It was very funny! Dude i watched that film ( what is the name?) that you parodized today, lol!

Enfin un clip franco ^^

ca a l'air de venir d'Europe mais bon..gratz fromQuebec, Canada ^^

the clip with the euro piece was the best

continu ton bon travail ^^et lâche pas ^^


awesome choice in music :D the consept was amazing to, i wasnt sure if the first one was a wierd thing that happend or one of those set up things to wake him up but yea and ALSO i see someone likes fight club :P but with good reason it IS a amazing movie

LOved it, now im watching the rest

Nice accidental Goldberg contraption.Well thought out and actually looks like it would work.

Cameo on the second one took me by suprise and it was hilarious.

Good smooth work.It's submissions like these that make it worth it to have the top 5 everyday.