Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


well done dude this rock u get my 5


man that was funny i like the use of those 2 charectars from the best flash on newgrounds. a great soundtrack as well i cant see anyone making this flash any better. my favorite part oooooOOOO... stop! this is a great flash and make more!

HAHA Very funny shorts!

I love that kind of humor. they think theyre doing or have done something good for themselves, but then they find out the truth. Great job man.

to insert_pie (and the animator)

first off don't take notice of insert pie he hasn't given anything over a 3 in the first 3 pages of his reviews i read, they're all abusive. Those were great shorts not that funny but excelent fluidity


All of these shorts were goddamn boring. None of them were even mildly amusing. They were all pointless and gay. The animation was pretty good, and the artwork was alright, aside from Mr Shibby. Not only is his name shit, but he looks lame as hell. Kill him off or something. I especially hated the last short, which was a small part of a song, and 20 seconds of pointless, stupid animation. Work on coming up with some good ideas and you might be able to make a good flash animation.