Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"

Good job.

This is instantly protected in my opinion. Good work.

Really good!

I was surprised to see how good this was! Nice work, keep it up!

Damn this is the shiz'nite.

I got to say most new entries are horribly stupid as heck. However you succeded in avoiding making this mistake like the thousandsof others. i give it my highest priase with a 10 out of 10.

Great Flash Movie

Cool movie, you have obviously put a large amunt of effort into making it. I this does well in the portal and i hope that you choose to make more of these excellent movies.

Here's something you don't see everyday.

Great use of just about everything. Fucking awesome film, I loved it, and the work you put into this makes it deserve the 5 I gave it. Great toons, all animated incredibly well.

Can't praise you enough for this movie.

P.S Great use of Pixies song "Where Is My Mind?" at the end.