Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"

Tu merites mes 5 points

C'etait vraiment bon. Le premier et le second extraits sont vraiment excellent, belle animation, beau graphiques, tout y est. J'ai bien hate de voir tes prochains films. J'pense que pour passer le temps, j'vais aller voir les autres que t'as envoyé.


cool in a weird kind of way. i like your style.


i finally know that you are French with your seemingly random Merci Tours or whatnot. but! your site tells all.

anyway, I dont care who you are, becuz this frickin awesome.

no chance: creative
the coin: ironic
heavy metal: ditto
death of the pixies: title: wTF? I'm too stupid to get it. maybe its the song name. content: nice meteor scene. not much else. who were those guys that flashed in? (if I'm saying anything retarded, ignore me)
overall: nice graphics as usual. AWESOME music as usual! and a menu... yes! great job.


that was really really really ass kicking i loved how everything bleneded in to eac otehr and the car and the roller ocster and the ball hitting her face that was a great animation i thought it was good when it was in the class and it blinked to let u no that no one was there except that goko look-alike but really good animation make a part 2 please cause this one was really good and all

HOly SHiT that was like the best.

i loved it that was like a work of fuckin art or somthing loved the music and the animation was great.