Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


That was awesome man i agree with the review before mine number 3 funny as hell

very nice

it was very good.
the animation was nice and the humor was funny

I liked the third one where his dad finds out what he did to his own car.


Very nice animation. Well thought out and clever, but can you do me a favor and make that last episode longer to go to the entire song, that would be awesome. Look forward to your next project.

Very cool

I love the animation style and quality. Good music too.

I liked the first mini story especially, but they were all well thought out and well done.


No Chance:

The Coin:
wtf were those things chasing the coin!?

Heavy Metal:
why did he throw the thingy in the car?!

Death Of The Pixies:
hehe that meteor looked like a turd!

elephants are talking to me! ^^