Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


Fantastic! Very good collab about Mario and Luigi and all their games.

All around great job.

Wow that was pretty sweet. The first one with the alarm clock was neat to see how it all played out. The cameo by Rabbit and Cat from There She Is was neat too. But honestly I liked the end best with the little music video thing. I noticed that the drummer was going right in tune with the song and everthing. I think you should try your hand at a full length music video. I think that you would do a really good job at it. Keep it up man!

sy'n braidd ardderchog

nawr fe fidda i'n gweld gallwch chi'n cyfieithu brawddeg 'ma. Nawr mae'n gorffenedig. mae'r ffilm wedi ardderchog iawn.


C'est le fun de savoir que les Francais et les Québécois peuplent newgrounds. C'est Mini Shows étaient exelent!!!!! Les graphique sont génial! Alors lache pas, fait en d'autre ils sont fort

Pretty good

not bad...i thot the anymation was well done and the comic pauses were of a good length...but other than that...a tad average in my opinion. I blame Dim and his incredible animating skills.

Oh and just for the non-french speakers who are inevitably going to read these reviews, here's a rough translation of Dragoon Jack's review:

"You deserve my 5 points"

"It was really good. The first and second extracts were really excellent, beautiful animation, beautiful graphics, it all is. I am looking forward to your next films (translation a bit woozy on that one). I think that for passing time, I'm going to go see the others you have sent"

I really only did that to show off my mediocre french skills :P