Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


It was too goddamn long in the middle I went to go get some
Bac-o's cuz I have ADD.


This is definately not a 10 down the board flash, even if someone loved it, the interactivity of the flash is low, there is no pause, play, forward, back, or scene select, only a simple start play at the beginning of each clip. There was also little violence to speak of, leaving the rest to taste for this, soooo. Yeah, not all that impressed by this either. I'm not saying its bad, I'm just saying its not impressive or very interesting.

Nice job!!

wow this flash owned im hopping to see the next 1! :D

People doing animation collections take note...

1000th review! Weird going into quadrupal figures but anyways onto the review...

Most collections of movies here don't have this much quality when they're done by more then one person! So this really shows them up since only one person did these. For some reason I got a vibe you was english until I saw a euro then I wasn't sure... still being french is close I suppose kinda like a neighbour ^^; rock on dude and be proud because you definatly come in the upper tier of flash animators


It's fab! Keep it up!