Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"

That was pretty good!

Very funny when Ash thought that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were Poke'mon, and then Ash was throwing the poke'balls everywhere. You've been doing so good in season 2. The last season of Sonic in the City was very terrible (no offense), but then the rating went higher whaen you did this seaason. Hope you make an episode of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Happy New Years Day sooner. Good luck. :)

thx was fuuny!

ash:omfg nwe pokemon!!!!! how dum can one guy be? ahahahahahahaha she is dum hehehehehe

not bad

not bad


Uh-uh. This entire series sucks so bad, I can't even use words to describe it.

The only part that was funny is when ash goes "OMFG! New pokemon!!!" That was the only funny part.

But seriously dude, even though this is probobly the best episode in the series (Which got a 5 from me which is so so sad), you should try using real sprites and not draw them. I hope you do better.


I love that part, and the part with ash saying, "OMFG! New pokemon!" And then he throws millions of pokeballs at them! Good job!!! Way to go! I'm adding this to my favorite.