Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"

Good start

its a generally quite good story idea - the humours quite gd lol - but a few lil tweaks n dis cud b very gd

How very random.

Okay, one for violence on account of Knuckles blasting the guy's head off or something.

A VERY random Flash, what was with the pokemon references though? o.O

I laughed at Knuckles squealing, using the same sequences twice for that though... o.o tsk tsk.

Was that Shadow at the end, and were those sweets pouring into the house?

ok... o_o

The only thing that entertained me was the costumes and knuckles lol worthy scream, the rest really needs work... but hey a good story can often save a movie, and the one used here was pretty reasonable

pretty cool stuff

u used the mystical forest zone sprites didnt you? you should have give credit to the spriters though. apart from that great movie


it's a sprite movie, not my favorite. but it's well done for what it is, good use of backgrounds i guess. just not my type of movie, but yeah if it is for someone who likes sprites than yeah ok whatever fine.