Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"

ITS FUCKIN AWESUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CARAMELAPPLECLOCK you make the greatest movies in the whole galaxy!


I like it when knuckles sees the girl who bought the costume he wants its funny!he screams aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and the whole world hears it!


This video is really good i really enjoyed watching it. When will you make episode 8.

Great Job

I kinda of like this one

This one is an interesting episode, but what's up with the space scene and the tv part? But seeing ash throwing pokeball was cool, kinda reminds me of what I did on halloween. Me and my friends would go paintballing, but I made and customized mined to shoot metal ball bearings. Of course I had two co2 tanks on mine. Man it was fun, shoot a traffic light and exploded. I think I shot someone or something with the new tested glass kind. I think it was a cop car. Anyway, under new developments for explosive like paintballs if anyone is interested.

lol funny

lol ash sprite throws poke blals every were! good job dude this was funny!