Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"

" Amazing " . . .

I personally thought this flash was hillarious. The plot was great, and the sounds were really relaistic. Great job. I gave you flash 9 out of 10, 'cause sprite's don't deserve a straight ten (LOL JK)

Awsome, I'm a big sonic fan.

I loved it! It was awsome! Keep up the AWSOME work!

that rocked

That rocked dude so keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing some more flashs from you.

Great flash, mon!

Everything but the "Noooooooooo!" was great. And JockotheMonkey? They were squashed by candy. That is half of the joke. Thats why Eggman said "I love Holloween!".

Wait, what?

You're right, that "NOOOOOOO" sound was pretty terrible ^_^; Anyways, what did they all get squashed by? Why did Sonic kill that guy? I'm clueless. Nice Halloween flash though.

Practice makes perfect!