Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"


i still kinda miss your old style of flash, but oh well youve improved alot. you are my favortie flash artist! wanna make a flash movie with me? (seriously)

cool and....

u used KaioSonic AngelTails Takles the Foxinda and DemonKnuckles. Nice work.

Best one yet

This was the best yet. I really liked it when knuckles screams. THAT...IS...FREAKING...FUNNY!

Also, for the last person, it's candy. yes, candy. Even the rainbow colored thing. Candy.


Wow. That was good. I like it when a person knows what he doing with a Sonic spoof. Especially when it incorporates sprite with another idea. I liked how you used the level 5 music from Sonic 2. I think it was lv. 5. Oh well. The one thing I didn't like was at then end. You killed it with robotnik and what were those colored things? The other thing I didn't like is how they ran away from the girl who bought th costume. You should have had them interact or something. Oh well otherwise good shit. The Fatman gives you a 7.

Indeed, very random.... o.0

I liked the cool sprites (Tails looks pwnage ^_^) and the hilarious stuff happening at each doorstep with only minimal casualties. OMFG! NEW POKEMON!!- that made me fall off my chair. Keep up the awesome work! We're all proud of you, i think :D