Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"

Total Awesomeness!

WTF did Eggman do though? Nice movie though. Also will there be a new one soon??? I need more. *I noticed that when Tails spread his *tail feathers* that he looks like a Golden Ho-Oh from the Johto series.


so damn funny!!!!!


i watched the movie 2 times cuz i couldnt stop laughing at the part with ash PLZ keep going with sonic in the city!

This OWNS!

You are a Flash Comedien! Sonic Killed Yugi! Tails had the best Costume, Knux was Hilarios! "Nooooo!" He sounded like a wolf!
Ash: OMFG! New Pokemon! *Chucks pokebals everywere!* ROFLMAO!


this is awesome the knuckels part nooooo is awesome and then he saw the demon eckidena coustume that was so funny o and why did sonic destroy that guy in a yugi coustume?