Reviews for "Sonic In The City Ep.7"


great job make more

(p.s.: ive bsides the season 2 1 ive already seen it)

best 1 eva!!!!!

this 1 is sooooo funny . me n my sis really like it. IT ROCKS OUT LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!.

i have a idea for more shows

in ep.2 when amy fucked sonic why not make them marry?it will proply be funny.then tails tries to kill sonic and marry amy.

make more

make more of that movies of sonic in the city because they fucking rox man make the 8 i dont know why u dont make it yet sprite movies dont get so long to get ready because we dont have to draw the images just pick them on internet and ggive movimnt to sprites is the easyer thing on flash but this still ROCKING

So Damn Stupid and Funny

Ma, good job, i really it, but do you liek Sonic, let me guess no, you hate and make fun, will you did not make fun, it was all Sonic Fan Sereis, it was so funny, my favorite scence when Mr. Knuckle said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ... it was funny, you should put the voice, make Sonic In The City Ep.8; so you can put Voice Actor, good job, i really it, alot, but i have not saw your movie since last year, but that it ok, your movie is good, next time make clean sprite movie, good job.