Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"


Well, lets start with the bad. The voice work was terrible. The person doing Simon sounded as if he should of been a gay vampire character. The sounded effects were bland, and heard in every other flash movie. However, this movie did have some saving points. Ignoring the slow storyline, the animation looked pretty smooth and the music was chosen wisely, mostly. Hopefully the second will be an improvement.


funny as hell... i have not watched the 2nd one yet but i am after i write this, i can quickly guess that it will be quite amazing,judging from the first.


I think this may be the best castlevania spoof i have ever seen, perfectaly animated, the entire thing almost felt like a cutsceen from the game, besides the neccarcary small flash objects but besides those, you coulda fooled me into an alternative ending, i give you a perfect 10/10, great idea, great animation, great voice, great sound, just simply amazing, no other words for it, sequel please!!!!

very nice

awesome ''brutal''

" Funny"

Finally, a great castlevania animation. And its funny ass hell 2....