Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"

Very nice, but Death should've led 'em

Anyone who's gotten gennerally far knows how fucking hard Death is. But the Skull Knight pretty awesome, too. And what Belmont is this one? Simon, or Julius or what?

RogerGargantua responds:

Yeah, Death = extremely hard to beat. Annoying scythes coming at your way.
Its Simon Belmont you see in my series. It doesnt matter actually...

Excellent spoof!

Well that was a very interesting one especiall since I am a fan,I say you are good at handling video game flash! I like it very much...you shouod have made Death the leader though...IMO but the Skull Knight=badass!

It's been so long.

Since i seen such a great Castlevania sprite flash,this had everything to offer excellent sprite animation,great story (so far),great voice acting and a lot of humor,so far it is a real great series,excellent job. =)

undead PWNS!

and it has a classic opening also... ?

GOOD Job Roger :D

It was diffrent then your normal style flash but it was defintly fresh and you pulled it off. Great job and let me know if you need any more voice actors bro. again nice flash.