Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"


it was really funny i'm waiting for second part

At last...

Wow... I've been waiting for quite some time for this one...
But finally it's here:) I must say it was worth the wait. You did well man;) Congrats on daily 2nd place too... you deserved it.
Lots of that humor of yours that I have grown so familar with. Lots of violence aswell... can it get any better?
Looking forward to the sequal next week man...

Oh and before I go... thanks for putting me in the credits:)

Great work

It was so funny lol i liked it cant wait til part 2.

The guy above should be killed along with those villagers.

Good work


That wasnt funny at all. People are only gonna say nice things about this one because they feel sorry for you

Freakin Funny

I found that overall it was quite a good use of an old school video-game for a bit of humor. That first part may have been unneccessary, but watching old school undead rampage through an old school town was quite a way to brighten someones mood.