Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"

Nicely done but not funny

As I said, nicely done and very sadistic but not fuuny at all... I gave u 0 at interactivity cause its a movie, ur not supposed to anything in a movie...

Pretty damn good.

Your use of camera shots was excellent. they way they kept jumping around was nice. The animation was very good too, only thing that bothered me was it looks like you used a jpg for the level 5 Castlevania 1 background (the laboratory) why you let that remain blurry is beyond me. But overall great job. I see you as a top vg flash maker.

RogerGargantua responds:

Hey Randy solem ! thanks for ya review ! I am glad someone notices my camera technique. I dont know exactly what you meant by the background of the laboratory with the blurry ?
But thanks again for the nice comments, i appreciate it ! Keep on the look out for part 2 somewhere next week. It's 3 times better then part 1 i can tell ya ! :)

Spankingly good...

Nice little CastleVania, and Belmont totally insulted Dracula and pissed him off... or on, rather...

Good attempt, just needs more work

I really don't see much of the humour in your flash. Sure, Belmont is getting a blowjob, the skeletons are always falling apart...great. All this is really bland in my mind. The sound was great though.

I havn't played any of the Castlevania games

But this was a very good sprite movie! I mean, you've used 8-bit graphics and done the animation very well with them. I mean, losing heads and the violence in it. I'd say you've made good animation in this flash. There were humour in it like the cock sucking at the beginning, the piss on Dracula and one of the skeletons knocking on the coffin and opening got them smashed into pieces. XD

Heh heh, get part 2 uploaded. This was a funny flash with good sprite animating. Good work!