Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"


Brilliant! It was funny, Had a story line.... kind of, And put violence and humor into one all out retarded film. 8 out of 10.

Cool, but not funny

The jokes ( the blowjob, the pissing, the loogie, etc ) were not that funny. They were mildly ammusing, but didn't make me laugh. A small weak smirk, that's it.

But the VIOLENCE and over all movement was AMAZING! TOP NOTCH! VERY NICE WORK!!!

As for the sound? The music was cool, some of the voice acting was corny, but it was decent.

Good job.

same thing applies for part 2

Again great job with the sprites and the music and the sounds

Very funny, even tho I haven't played Castlevania.

Really hilarious! It does slow down right after the skeleton gets pulverized by the opening coffin, and doesn't pick up again until the town attack. Perhaps you need more dialogue or a couple funny scenes between those two points. But it's very well done and IMO proves that sprite toons are not dead.

Bloody good work.

I don't remember Castlevania being so bloody and perverted. ;)
Now if someone could make that a playable game.