Reviews for "Castlevania 1 ( GGT )"


I think you have some real talent with this. I hope you make more stuff like this. I love the very first part of the first one. That's funny as hell. I hope you make more. You have some real talent.

more, more, more!

These two cartoons are incredible, please you have to do more with these castlevania sprites, perhaps a second coming of the undead? but still these are incredible. please please please make more

Great Work!

I love the videos you make. This is a very good one, you did a good job on the story, the sound, the creativity, the movement, all of it.

excellent direction

this little diddy was well put together and lengthy to boot. what it might have lacked in humor it made up ten fold in violence. the violence in this was clever and serious too - it wasnt hokey and dumb. overall one of the top castlevania productions.


Man that was an interesting movie. I could have done without that blowjob part but it would have been better if you had one of those girls get in bed with him before He fights. I thought the end where he says "And spank their sorry asses." Then spanked that mummys ass with a whip was funny as hell. Great job.