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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

This game was pretty good overall but...

sometimes the element of flying the plane got annoying because i know all of this stuff i just cant get the plane right or sometimes i hit one wrong thing because i dont even know what i am trying to hit or what that target even is and then it keeps crashing into the wrong thing especially in the last stage good game though.

Too time-consuming

I didn't want to take an hour out of my life to see whatever you see when you win. Too long man... too long.

To all of you that don't understand the neg

The neg is meant to lower the target's self esteem while showing to the target that you aren't really interested in her.

The target, assuming that she is really hot, is obviously used to guys breathing down her throat every time she goes out.

Neg her a bit and she realizes that you aren't just like the other guys. Also if she has lower self esteem she becomes an easier target.

Note: only works on bimbos.

To all of you women out there that say, "I woudn't fall for that." or "I'd be angry if he said that to me" are either lying, are intelligent, or guys aren't into you (i.e, you're ugly or you smell bad).

Airplane kinda lame

It would have had a good thing going for it. But the "airplane" interface requires to much effort for something so trivial. By trivial I mean a dating sim, they are for laughs (or its kinda sad if its not)

dude it is so dumb i would rather get a real chick

dude, same as above, just make it more realistic and ur good