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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"


It's all just a promotion for this book, which does sound interesting.

But the game is short, and the high scores are based on speed, which makes replayability kindof inane, let alone lucky.

Also, since there is no explaination of the symbols for the plane, trial and error to learn the game is required, which now that I think of it, is a lot like trial and error of the real picking up girls game.

hey why did it say mild nudity

There was no nudity and why did i have to be 18, nothign happend, i do think this is creative way of shwing people how to date and all but the ploy's are a little off. But unlike most people i liked the style and graphics.


Wow this has got to be on the top of the crap list. Definately need to have a girlfriend first before you try to make something like this cause it shows quite easily that you haven't.


Good god, Shitmark.. that was the absolute worst thing I've ever tried to read. I think I'm actually a bit dumber now that I've tried to read it and other reviews by you.

Now, as for this game its a little confusing at times, especially when you have to watch the screen for one thing while watching it for something else, blah blah blah. Either way it kept me semi entertained for about 5 minutes.

Ruder version it is.

Instead of forcing you to read that unintelligable craptrap of a review right below me, I'll cover it up. I liked this game, kept me entertained for a while. Not the best one ever, but pretty damned good.