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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

Pretty good

But not really all that realistic. Cmon...a girls "heart meter" going UP when you put her down? what kinda crap is that? pretty amusing to watch though..."you have an overbite like bugs bunny!" I havent beaten it yet, and the only thing I'd do to change this flash is to add some sort of key lol. Otherwise, nice graphics, nice but repetitive sound, a good spin of an old style, and dating sims really shouldnt involve "violence" lol. keep up the good work.


It's okay. Not that hard though.


it looks like it has been stolen from mtv
tey have this program with duds and studs i looks like it
although that is with just one girl but it did remind me of it


as a female, seeing those "tips" that are given to pick up women ... was very interesting. i'd be pretty pissed if some random guy started talking shit about my teeth.


it was kinda interesting, but piloting a plane around isnt really how i got my first date... or any date for that matter