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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

Good Idea

Its a good idea wiht clever graphics and awesome sound, but the game play is lacking, i mean really towards the end of piloting that little plane it becomes very hard and you have to start all the way over again? ugh


I'm sorry but that was by far one of the worst things on newgrounds. Your advice is so unrealistically horrible that I'm not sure if it was meant to be serious or not. Hell, by now it seems surreal. I mean who the hell insults a girl they want to hook-up with? Sure it could work but in that situation I HIGHLY doubt it would've gone as well.
Now because I have to be constructive, make more music options, change the gameplay to not be a bad LSL clone, make more paths, change the dialouge, and unless I missed something, its labeled as having nudity but I saw none. It's also labeled as having excessive adult themes. I would consider it mild adult themes as best.


I got 3:01, not bad if i do say so myself :P

Graphics: 5/10 they were nice, but choppy
Style: 10/10 well.. in a game where your name is STYLE, i guess....
Sound: 4/10 nothing special, repetetive
Violence: 2/10 no violence, i wanted to get violent on one of my fails though :P and the bit with the woman outside counts a bit...
Interactivity: 7/10 good job with it, kind of annoying with the timing though
Humor: 2/10 some of the things he said were so stupid, who the hel would say them
Overall: 7/10 yup, good game.

It is

Its GREAT! I've never seen a game like this in the same style, so keep up the good work, and it is hard, but that doesn't make it bad!

very differnt.

the gameplay was fairly unusual. ive never seen a dateing game where you had to manuver a plane to catch objects to win. its a fairly interesting take on the dateing sim. over all i liked it alot. other than it was a little hard to know what peice to go after, it took me a few tries of trial and error to see what worked and what didnt. and what they each did. a list would make it alot easier to win though.