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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

This game is kind of stolen in a way...

It's seems like to stole a bunch of material and direction from last month's Esquire article on how to pick up women, down to even actual lines.

i think someone needs a reality check

first, im gonna tell you whats wrong with the game, absolutely horrible, slow and irritating, no directions or guide, except for the annoying geek telling you what to do, but now how to do it, you have to guess what the icons are only seconds after he tells you to choose one, and is there a real reason why you must be 18 to play this game, theres not even any swearing or violence, much less the expected nudity and sex(which is lacking), you could have at least put in the options to date more than one girl, now im gonna tell you whats wrong with the "dating advice", the openers will never work in a real bar, the "negates" are pointless, and no way in hell would a girl leave her friend and follow a stranger to a secluded place in only under 3 minutes, and how do expect someone to take these dating tips seriously if you cant pull them, half of your strategy is magic tricks, good luck on your book, your gonna need it

Not bad.

It would have been bether if you had pushed further...
Why must I be 18 to play this?
Is there some way to see more?
It could be about giving her orgasms too.
It wouldn't be much harder, animation + the minigame...
What I reproach you is the poor ending...
In fact there is no ending.
The game was fun but...
but it is just like it is ot over...
It is way too short and easy.
And she got sillicon boobs. I hate it...

i liked it.

But if you figth for somthing, you wuld like a price or somthing? :)
make a new one, but more complex and more choises n shitz :)
keep it up!

Good animation, Cliched advice...

The game itself was slow, boring, and irritating.

As for the 'advice' given, it's a total joke. I sincerely hope no one takes this the least bit seriously. That which isn't totall bull****, everyone already knows.

I got as far as staring at her tits, and closed the window, was bored by that stage.