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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"


First of all, well said about that Zen, just because it is newgrounds doesn't mean us girls can't be here. And as for the game, it is an alright game, but not great. If a guy approached me like that, well, I'd either get up and walk away, or tell him to get bent. Anyway, overall 5/10.

I've heard of "Style"

Style is the name of a guy (not his real name) who writes books and such on how to pick up ladies. His stuff is really good in general, and this game is obviously based on it. From what I hear, it all does work pretty well, but the examples in the game weren't very good. The process of "Game" is spot on though and is a good little tutorial for those seeking help. Believe it or not, pickin on the girl you want is a good way to get her interested in you, it shows you aren't too eager and could care less if she turned you down, this makes his interested because it seems like you ARENT. It's lesson one of "game".

what the hell............magic

Ok, you can't get ass by using magic or putting down the girl you are going after, anyone looking at this game to get ass, a good meaningful relationship (for the ladies out there), should not do this, go two deep with a wing man, and buy them drinks, and know the three people you cannot date, people your psycho-ex are good friends with, people who serve you food, and people you are related to. follow those rules and you can't go far wrong. but good attempt none the less, I never read the book so yea if thats what it says good luck.

Fine, I suppose.

It was an... okay game, but far as I know, if a guy came up to me like that and did that, I'd ignore him.

OH MY GOSH I AM A FEMALE AND I AM ON NEWGROUNDS HEAVEN FORBID!! So many people here that I meet are amazed at the presence of a female. Get over yourselves and stop being so sexist.

Before you ask... I'm not mental. I enjoy playing Sim dating games to see what people will pull out of thin air and turn it into a freak show. *sigh*.

Neground's First

I played the game and at first I was impressed but the more I played it the more I realized I didn't like it.

I am going to be the first newgrounds user to admit it, when I found out that there was cheesy pixel nudity, I was let down. I don't get off to this stuff but I find it amusing hehe, anyway, overall, It was a dissapointment but I think it has potential and I'd like to see the next one, If there is one...