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Reviews for "The Pickup Game"

Boring Leisure Suit Larry rip-off, I remember when the 'pick up artist' was a thing and it was lame then.

Girls are impossible to pick up, even with a name like F*** ME i crash and burn
(tear in eye)
my gameplay
Me: (bad pickup line)
Girl :No
how could this happen to me, i made my mistakes, got nowhere to run, i just want to scream: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME

It's kind of entertaining but there's no indication of what the little symbols mean when you're trying to pick her up.

Also, guys, take it from a girl: This is absolutely not the way to pick someone up. We're not idiots, we're not another species. Just talk to us. And DON'T neg. It's so obvious.

the heart after I made the bottle levitate was just over half full, a few lines were said, and for some reason shortly after without me doing anything at all, it jumped to the guy and girl kissing and is frozen. :l I cant do anything..

Great game, the storyline definitely could be more interesting, but it makes you expect some great ending...

And now my penis feels confused.