Reviews for "WS - Basic Instincts"


Excellent song... wicked melody ^_^


the samples are groovin. like the organ a lot on this, chill.

cool beat

ist a good music

Takin' it back

I love this beat. Period.
I grew up in the ATL, so I'm used to hearing some really good producers spin some epic beats. This has blown a lot of what I've heard out of the water. This, for lack of a better way of putting it, it pure badass. My whole body is grooving to this. I'd LOVE to see Kanye, Half Dollar, or any other "rapper/hip-hop artist" make a great beat like this. This song brought me back to the good old days, when hip-hop was more about the beat and overall feel rather than lyrics and hype. Keep kickin' it old school, man. Stay gold.


This is some of the greatest work I have seen in the audio portal! Congratulations, this is awesome!