Reviews for "WS - Basic Instincts"

First few seconds were the best

I don't like the beat it cut into very much but i'll give you props sure it took alot of your time.

Amazing! But

why didnt you keep the original piano in the beat?you switched up the entire song?
i would've liked the song with the piano instead but its all good 4/5 8/10

war-spawn responds:

I didn't keep the original piano because that would pretty much be like copying and pasting over a beat. That's not exactly how I sample. :3

good but

Good beat man, ut I heard a bit of crackling in the track. Not sure if you meant to do that, but it did kinda kill the score for a perfect.

war-spawn responds:

The song was sampled off a vinyl. Those were the cracks you were hearing.

wow :O

I havnt heard enything as decent as this on Newgrounds for a long time! Love it! love the feel of all the diffrent instruments you have in there realy helps create an atmosphere. thanks for this!

hot beats

i love it, it sounds dark, like something you'll hear in a video game, sounds like a situation where you meet a rival, or just approached trouble in general, good work