Reviews for "WS - Basic Instincts"

Ahhhh <3

VEry ice and smooth!
Warm Beats and Old - Fahioned Snares at the STart, my FAv' PArt !
SUch Coolness! <3


Very nice. I like the bumped transitions from one groove to the next.
I wouldn't call it hip-hop. This is more of a southern/Jazz/(kinda)Latin set up, but I don't think theirs a category for that so never mind.

war-spawn responds:

It's Hip-Hop fused with jazz.


amazing man it sounds so nice and old school not like that shit these days lil wayne and stuff i hate them. continue making songs ther so COOL


You're Definately giving Hip-Hop a new Meaning with a Mix up like this,You could make alot of people find Hip-hop More intresting than its thought to be,Hence Bringing a new meaning to the Hip-hop Genre :]


oahhhh peace