Reviews for "WS - Basic Instincts"


This is honestly a good song in my book. Idk why people always suggest a song was bad because you were on drugs when making it? thats a little rash, but I'm not reveiwing thier distaste for certain music. I like it, thats all i'm sayin :)

war-spawn responds:

Marijuana isn't a drug D:

And thanks lol.

A.D.D much?

Perhaps stop making music while you're high, cuz you just go off everywhere. The beginning sounded like some melancholy wtfever, then it was like, bluesy jazz, then it just became some Cowboy Bebop-esqueness that's just too intense to stand.

Your third scratch is just a tad off time btw. Hence, the docked point.
I <3 Scratching.

war-spawn responds:

I did the scratching without metronome then put it in. :C

Good but...

I love its just that I like original music...

but over all good sampling

Sounds a lot like Flying Lotus

That's a good thing :3
Have you gone professional? You do sound really great
Fav'd and 5'd.

war-spawn responds:

Haven't gone professional. I don't plan on it either.

I could imagine this starting off a movie

first you see a lil boy with his first kiss, then when it pix up, he's a teen makin out, then he's a mid to late 20s bachelor havin sex with all kinds of diff women, a playa, lol, then it would slow down and get into the movie, lol

war-spawn responds:

Aw, I thought by the end of song he'd get AIDS then die :C lol