Reviews for "WS - Basic Instincts"


Very Old skool and ear-pleasing.

worth a 10 and a 5. Great job.


LacirylYranoisiv (1:01:56 AM): You could learn some good shit sometime when dudes drop criticism. The words of a wise man, you should listen to him.

war-spawn responds:

That name looks familiar.

Sexy Girl 69 Says:

Congrats on top 5 once again mang. Good stuff. Lovin that ol' skool feel again.

Seriously though, ever since you showed me that FLP recently and I saw the way you sample and shit, I've understood things differently now and I see that hiphop is a really, really hard style to make.

On to the song. Love that hook at 1:19. Epic. Really gets you. The samples for your brass are epic. Love you lots.

This is real hiphop.

*thumbs up*

When it comes to war-spawn all you can do is just say ....yes....yes....

Quality work, as always

Both sides of transition sound great and I'm diggin them, but in my eyes they don't work well together. The transition is to abrupt for me. That being said I love the intro, reminds me of some of the older Nas. The sample choice on the second parts was also great, gets an underground gritty batman feel for me, haha. The horns you chose all fit well together, and the piano break 2:01 was sick :)

What I really like about this is I feel less repetition than I normally do from hip-hop. I feel like you're taking the song places, which is wicked. Beauty once again :)

war-spawn responds:

Yeah, I tried to have more transitions because all I pretty much had was different loops from each part in the song. The track itself has about 6:30 on it, so there was a lot to go through to get the best pieces, even if they would come in suddenly. But that's your classic 4 bar structure of Hip-Hop always made songs so sudden when it came to break downs and shit.