Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"

as per to the last viewer.....

this WAS a pointles flash, but it was a GOOD pointless flash, and i liked it, so suck my balls,Mesmericfiend. ha ha cho cho ha!

ZombieLincoln responds:

That's the way opinions are meant to be used! Awesome, thallid, awesome.


This was a very pointless flash and the animation was horrible, the music was very boring also. This doesn look like a "24 hour collab" looks like you spent 15 mins on each part, what im trying to say is that it sucked.

ZombieLincoln responds:

Some people spent a lot of time on their submissions. I'd figure that you, being an animator, would recognize that.

Not everyone was on the same level, but I wanted a variety in this flash. Sorry you didn't like the music, though - that's just bad luck =\


Kinda random and pointless from my view....hey just an opinion but I think you guys could have atleast put some humor in there

ZombieLincoln responds:

Random and pointless...I can't argue with those. There was that one with the zipper, though! That was humorous! And the music even went quiet for it!

That's the embodiment of comedy, right there. I don't know what you're talking about.


ive been seeing so many colabs lately but this one was good especially zombie lincolns part :)

ZombieLincoln responds:

Glad you liked the animation, sir. May you have many wives who bear you many children.

It's ANOTHER collab!

Just because it is a collab doesn't mean everybody has to vote 5.

To tell you the truth, about 90% of this was utter shit that should be BLAMMED!
The other 10% was DECENT at most. Nothing spectacular. No real POINT.
Also, in 24 hours I would atleast expect something that doesn't look like it took 10 mins. to make.
I'm voting 0, because it's already overrated enough as it is.

ZombieLincoln responds:

If you didn't enjoy it at all, then you voted fair. Sorry to dissappoint you, DrDeath. We'll try harder next time =\ =/