Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"

i liked it

id probably have gave you a 9 but some guy drew clocks so i didn't. Thats gotta be the most talentedless animating out there and people need to become more original. As for the rest of the work i really enjoyed it

ZombieLincoln responds:

Those were locks, not clocks, but I hear you. There sure are a lot of clocks and locks. Yup.

Glad you enjoyed the animation otherwise, sir.

((( GOOD )))

Wow, this is a really good collab you have all put together here, i like the way everything moves together with everyone elses work, and how well the frame by frame stuff went to the beat of the music. The music was cool. The animations each person did were really nice, and detail, you all put good effort intot this...


ZombieLincoln responds:

Thanks fer the supportive words, ~X~. The animations were made without any music and fit into the song afterwords - I was surprised it turned out as well as it did.

Thanks for the review!

Let's get one thing clear to everyone

As far back as the first one to hit newgrounds occured, collab flashes were well known flash artists coming together to create one flash that best suited the leader of the collab's needs. At the time, it was good, the collabs were focusing on what was out there, what bothered them, what gave them pet peevs. In essence, they attempted to do what artists outside the net (in example, the singers who formed Band-Aid in the 70's) had attempted to do themselves with either minimal or very grand impact. The style of Flash Collabs has been desecrated by flashes such as these; ones that little to no meaning and are, for the most part now, badly managed.

This collab flash is like any other collab flash now-a-days that bring random people together in the hopes of creating something for no real purpose. The only ones I saw that showed some intriguing and rather promising results were ZombieLincoln, 0_Lilmario_0, and MyPuddle. But like anything else, once again no credits to who made this song were given out.

That is all I have to say with the space provided.

ZombieLincoln responds:

Themed flashes will generally be more enjoyable to watch, especially if the theme has some meaning to you. But there's still something appealing about a gathering of animations from artists with a wide range of styles and ability.

I'm glad you enjoyed some of the animations. You may be right that in the end, this sort of collaboration is more for the animators than the public.

Also, good call about the music, that's my fault. It will be fixed.

Thanks for the thoughtful review.


I am so sick of these fucking collaborations. I guess it's just your shitty luck that made you post one on the SAME day as the highest (and best) scoring collab. GOOD JOB. YOU CAN MAKE A LINE FLOAT AROUND. NO ONE CARES.

ZombieLincoln responds:

Hey, that's not what all these animations were about. You and your generalizations.

Sorry that this was the collab that pushed you over the edge, man. We're not doing this to spite you. We like you. Honestly.

NIce job

I liked tha music what song did you use ?
with the music choice its almost like a dream
it was pretty good considering you only had 24 hours each to part. There some parts i liked alot were like from when bit with green Z(zombie lincoln) was preaty, then it was sonic which was cool and the guy getting hurt with the zipper and gar dancing was funny.
Good job

ZombieLincoln responds:

Good call about the dream - the song is called Space Dream Eva (Trance Mix)

Thanks for the review!