Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"


PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE come back =D I have MSN in my profile and I need you for summer collab because we had all the ideas and I missed you too damn much, you have to join!!!

ZombieLincoln responds:


Come on AIM immediately!!! (ZombieLincoln)
Or MSN!!! (ZombieLincoln@hotmail.com)

Also <3

Pretty nice

Well first off whoever came up with this idea is a genius because it is a wonderful idea and I personally think another should come out.

The flash some people can produce with in a day amazes me being that I have had the flash trial and was able to get a sprtie movie which got blammed and it took me like 20 days.

The music was very fitting to the collab, and be very i mean freakishly. That was almost the best fir music in any flash I have seen.

There was a flaw with the loading that 3..2..1 thing confused me, maybe i'm dumb or just pointed it out because it is dumb. I was wondering what to do when until the word play came up. Then like always you press it.

Some of the flash was a bit bad, but I deduct zero points, I can not believe this was 24 hours. I can not believe the last review before me was like January 2005 when it is in a collection.

the ending and thanks were awesomely made and this entertained me, I could not help laughing for no reason. I think it is well done and a second one should be made.

(p.s. this is a fairly long review yet I dont keep up to the last person)

ZombieLincoln responds:

The idea existed before this flash and has been seen in a number of others - but I agree - it is an excellent exercise for those involved.

The quality of the submissions - and the number of people willing to get involved - really surprised me when I set it up. I included almost every submission because of it.

The animators did not have any idea of the music beforehand, and I tried my best to pick a song that would match most of the works, and also arrange the animations in a fitting manner. I'm glad you enjoyed it, sir.

The 3..2..1 thing...You're absolutely right. I need to teach myself how to make an animated custom preloader. Sorry about the confusion.

I'm glad you were entertained and spent the time to write a thoughtful review. Thanks for your comments!


Not the best of the collab, and it was most FBF random animation; which isn't my favorite style. It was a bad opening, it should of been mixed.

All the parts were really good since they were made in 24 hours, but don't think you'll get any extra marks for that. I will review and vote like any other normal collab.

The intro was a bit plain, just black and white but atleast it got straight into the action, even though it was FBF, and it should of been mixed, like stated above, because 2 fbfs parts together was a bit bad, even though I liked the comic strip idea, haha.

I wouldnt call stab's part FBF but it was cool, ultimate fantasty's was a bit stupid, but 'Z's part was real nice, a bit confusing but nice.

There was little to no humur, the part where the sun rose up and hit the other thing away; what was that? I didn't like that, but the rest were really nice. Mypuddle has a nice drawing to begin with, but it disapointed me with the jpg image, the lock part I would of thought to have the .flas of the locks used, but I didn't know what happened. There are alot of parts in this collab, and it was real long to what I expected but it was a nice touch.

Alot of great talent all in one collab, was nice, and it was sad to see the few who didn't get in. ;-)

ZombieLincoln responds:

Thank you for the detailed review!

I don't understand what you mean about the intro - it was actually a mix of FBF and tweened animation, with the lettering and everything.

Not getting extra points for finishing the work on such a short deadline? Fair enough - I don't mind an objective view.

Glad you found things to like in some of the works - I tried to keep a big variety in there, so while inconsistent, there would be some interesting parts for everyone.

Thanks for the advice and critique, sir =)

twas ok

i'm being generous since it was done in 24 hours and the DS AND PSP BOTH ROCK GODAMMIT!!! >.<


Sweet....yes....the DS suxs, and the PS-Pwnd! Anyway....I like hamslices....cause....ham.....ham ham ham....slice