Reviews for "24 Hour Collab"

Trippy collab...

I wish Saint Jimmy's animation was in there. He's a friend of mine. Unless that's a different person. Anyways, like I said, REALLY trippy animation. You should change the title to "Pothead Collaberation".


there was some really fucked up shit in here

ZombieLincoln responds:

yeah dude!


It was quite good... What else can i say?

Khem... I didn't like that intermission in this collab, this is the only one bad thing.

ZombieLincoln responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy it, sir. One of the pieces came with its own music, but it may have been wrong to put it in the middle instead of at the end.

Thanks for the review, though!

That was splendid!

i liked it! I am such an openminded person when in comes to flashes...i wish i could make a flash like u peeps...but my drawing skills r like a 4 year olds so ya...gj in u'r future flashes!

I don't get it

Don't get me wrong, I understand what this is meant to be. I just... well, with most of these collaborations, it's just... well, honestly, what's the point?
I don't mean to be offensive to the artists involved, there was good flash in here - but it seems like such a WASTE of that flash talent. I mean, sure, you can create a few seconds of animation in a day for one of these - but why not put that talent into something productive?

Why make me go 'hey, not bad' when you can make a real flash that makes me go 'Wow!'?

ZombieLincoln responds:

Well, it's certainly a fair question. Let's see.

I have to disagree with the idea of it being a waste of flash talent. You aren't running out of ability when you animate - quite the opposite, in fact: with every bit of animation, you are gaining experience, confidence, and practice. When you animate, you are improving yourself.

Now, you're definitely right: the people in this collab could do better. Every one of them could make more involved, entertaining, technically impressive pieces - and most of them have. But, this animation doesn't have to be that polished product: this collaboration could just be another stepping stone on that path.

Some of the people in this collab hadn't had any work submitted, hadn't had much practice with Flash. Looking at other animations can be inspiring, but also intimidating. This collab gave the animators a chance to practice and experiment without the pressure of achieving a very high-quality submission. These are (in general) self-taught artists you're looking at: people who are fighting against their own apathy in order to learn something new. I'm happy to help them along with a collab like this.

So, what I'm trying to say is - these are animators who can make you go "Wow!", but they might need practice and motivation before they get that far. This collab is a chance to help them along.

Thanks for the review, sir, and sorry that you didn't enjoy the collab too much!