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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

rig i love you

this is truly a masterpiece, i really liked trolled and this is a tru rig song for real! its magic how you juggle with sounds, like your glass experiment... i was stunned! you would be a great sound designer imo, they do nothing but recording sounds and changing them with soft and hardware for the game- and film-industry. dead space is a great example for this:

for the song: i like everything about it, i like the stereotyped beginning with the amen break, the 8bit sounds, the drumset, the idea that u used a cardboard for the bass and really DID something to create it and this is about 346 levels above software and hardware basslines for me _ol

use more experimenting, if you got a good mic (and i think you do) you have to USE it! do more of this, use different sounds, destroy your house and record it, beat your fist on a wall and modify it for a kickdrum or throw nuts at a piece of paper and you have some nice unique percussion or maybe a clap sound with more filtering. I would really like to hear more of this from you :D

Rig responds:

I recorded a bunch more sounds at the same time as that cardboard clip...maybe I'll remake this song and use some of them. :)

This song

Perfect song to play Unreal Tournament with...
That bass man, KILLER!!!!
Deadly dood.

hahaha this is sick

You really misled me with the first 16 bars.

Rig responds:

Yay, it worked!


That bass is just nasty. Awesome work man.

Rig responds:


You are cool. :)

That bass is sick!!! The intro mislead me, I was thinking "Rig wouldn't make a song this crappy...a few seconds later *holy shiz!!"

Great job!!

Rig responds:

Hah, fooled you. Thanks!