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Reviews for "Rig - Am I Cool Yet?"

Yeah you cool.

This has such a great base to it, I've actually downloaded this to put on my CD and blast out using my ride's stereo. You cool, but not cool enough. If you make more beats like this you will be though ;)


no your not >:O

Rig responds:


holy shitto mix

The bass is sick. Totally tubular. That's just the recording with effects? Nothing else layered?

Rig responds:

There's a sub in there too, but the grindy bass is all cardboard with FX. :D

christ steady laddie

that bass kicks ass man soo good and i like the am i cool yet.
u in the EP i guess cause thats where i got the link to this song.
make moneys bro

Rig responds:

I'll try!

Reminds me of the time I farted on my cell phone and told my friend to record it on the other end while on speaker, then threw 7 sound goodizers and 3 fruity bass boosters on it and then had to be rushed to the emergency room because my ears wouldn't stop hemorrhaging. Way to be creative dude!